How to make the perfect proposal


Sometimes just a few words are enough to turn someone‘ s world upside down. The day of the engagement is an event that you will remember fondly years later. And to make sure everything goes smoothly, we‘ve put together five tips for you here.

Tip 1: The timing

A proposal should be well planned so that nothing goes wrong. Proceed as inconspicuously as possible and inform only a few people about your plans. Because it will be most unforgettable if your beloved one does not expect it.

Tip 2: The Location

It doesn‘t always have to be the Eiffel Tower. It will be much more personal if you choose a place with which you associate something special - for example, the first meeting or the first kiss.

  • for romantics: Whether at a place that has played an important role in your relationship or, for example, in the form of a fortune cookie - just let your creativity run wild.
  • for adventurers: If both love adventure, many places are suitable for an unforgettable proposal. For example, how about a flight in a hot air balloon high above the clouds?
  • for extroverts: For the very brave, a proposal in public is just the thing.

Tip 3: The proposal text

Do not learn declarations of love by heart, but listen to your heart, then you will certainly find the right words. If you are so nervous that you can‘t find the words, just tell your sweetheart all the reasons why you love her!

Tip 4: The Ring

When buying a ring, you can prove how well you know the taste of your future wife. To ensure that nothing goes wrong with the ring size, play it safe and take one of your partner‘s rings to the jeweler.

Tip 5: On the right finger

In Germany, the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the side of the heart, i.e. on the ring finger of the left hand. The right hand is later adorned with the wedding ring. After the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring can also move to the right hand. Of course, there are no rules for wearing engagement rings.

Quite exciting to ask the all-important question! Will she say YES? If you have found that one person with whom you want to share everything with in life, then gather all of your courage. The glow in the eyes of your loved.