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Your wedding rings are the seal of your marriage vows. Many small details make a big whole - see for yourself!


There are many different ring shapes. The best way to decide which one is right for you is to try them on systematically. When fitting the wedding rings, make sure that your hands are neither too warm nor too cold, because this can change the circumference of your fingers.


You can not decide between all the precious metals and alloys? Then multicoloured wedding rings are a great idea! Whether harmonious color gradient or strict separation of the alloys - in any case, there are fantastic colour games and countless combination possibilities.


Absolutely in vogue are wedding rings made of carbon - a high-tech material characterized by particular stability and lightness as well as a matt shimmering, deep black colour and structured surface. The material is very resistant to environmental influences and temperature fluctuations and shows hardly any signs of wear.


A diamond is the hardest substance found in nature. As a symbol of eternity, it is therefore the perfect companion for the wedding and the whole life. Diamonds occur in nature not only in colourless version, but also in other shades. The more intense the colour, the higher the value. The most famous cuts are brilliant, princess, drop and baguette cut.

Premium metal

A metal is considered precious when it does not rust and is therefore very durable. Perfect for wedding rings that the bride and groom should enjoy for a lifetime. The classic among the precious metals is gold in different varieties such as white, yellow, red and rose gold. Platinum is also one of the precious metals. In contrast to silver, which can oxidize and tarnish quickly.


The proportion of the highest-quality precious metal in an alloy is called the fineness. This value is expressed in thousandths: for example, „yellow gold 750/000“ or „yellow gold 750“ for short stands for a fine gold content of 75 percent. In wedding ring manufacturing, 585 and 750 have the greatest significance. Platinum wedding rings usually have a fineness of 600 or 950.

Yellow gold

As one of the most valuable jewelry metals, yellow gold has excited people for thousands of years. Since pure gold is extremely soft, it is usually processed with other metals such as copper or silver in jewelry manufacturing. This creates alloys that have a higher degree of hardness and great strength. Depending on which precious metals are added, different shades are obtained, such as white or red gold.

Hardness grade

Wedding rings are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear through daily wear. Therefore, the hardness grade of the material, also called Vickers hardness (HV), is extremely important. The ideal Vickers hardness for your rings is over 180 HV, tough and elastic (not brittle) and resistant to environmental influences.

Inner side

On the inner side of your wedding rings you have space for small messages and individual details - such as a beautiful engraving or a small diamond. Often you will also find a small stamp here, the so-called hallmark, which documents the actual gold or platinum content.


Wedding rings are worn for a lifetime and every day. For this important matter, it is better to trust the expertise of a specialist store instead of chasing bargains online. Another advantage is that the consulting service usually does not end with the ring purchase. Even after that, services such as cleaning, polishing or matting are sometimes available free of charge.


The weight measure used for cut diamonds or gold is called a carat and is usually abbreviated to „ct“. One carat is exactly equal to 0.2 grams. The carat is originally derived from the Latin name of the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua), whose seeds almost always have a weight of 0.2 grams.


Alloying is the fusion of different (precious) metals to form a new material. Pure gold or fine gold is almost exclusively processed in alloyed form in jewelry manufacturing. This is how hardness and strength as well as different colour nuances are achieved.

Eternity ring

The first wedding anniversary, the birth of a child or moving into a house together - there are many moments in life that you would like to remember. All these experiences can be immortalized through the symbolism of an eternity ring - each in the form of a sparkling diamond. It is particularly romantic to start with just one diamond at the wedding and gradually add more stones to the ring.


If you live a sustainable lifestyle, you naturally don‘t want to be careless when it comes to your wedding. When buying wedding rings, for example, look for the use of certified diamonds, for the extraction of which no human rights and environmental protection guidelines have been violated. Other sustainable aspects include environmentally friendly processing and the use of recycled precious metals.


The choice of the finish gives each pair of rings its own unique touch. Of course, various combinations are possible. The intensity of care can vary greatly: Polished wedding rings conceal scratches very well and lose their shine only slowly, while the durability of a matte finish must be regularly touched up.


Thanks to its many positive characteristics, platinum is considered a „carefree cosmetic“. It is extremely resistant, keeps its shape and is hardly affected by abrasion. Added to this is its almost perfect purity: Platinum 950 contains 95% pure platinum, which makes it particularly skinfriendly and hypoallergenic.


No other piece of jewelry is as symbolic as the wedding ring. No other piece of jewelry is worn as long and as often. It is therefore all the more important that you pay attention to good quality when buying your rings. Therefore, it is best to choose high-quality precious metals such as gold 585 or 750 or platinum 600 or 950.

Rose gold

A modern alternative for brides and grooms who love warm hues are rose gold wedding rings. These are created by mixing fine gold and copper with decolorizing metals such as palladium or silver. Depending on the copper content, the alloy appears pinkish or reddish, which flatters many skin tones and looks subtle and sophisticated on the hand.


The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance. Be it the classic set brilliant, princess, baguette or any other diamond cut. The higher the quality of the cut, the more radiant and luminous it sparkles. Stones with a perfect cut beautifully bring out the special fire of a diamond.


The trend of putting together individual trisets is becoming increasingly popular. This is a set of three rings: the two wedding rings as well as a further pre-ring for the bride. Whereas the former are classically kept and rather simple, the preliminary ring usually shines in the form of a sparkling eternity or solitaire ring.

Unique pieces

In order to get a first impression of the designs and options available when choosing a ring, we recommend taking a look at the wedding ring configurator: Here you can compile and visualize your personal wishes and ideas in advance. This will give you an impression of what your unique love ring can look like.

Engagement ring

When proposing marriage, a sparkling engagement ring is indispensable these days. The most popular is still the classic solitaire ring with a six-piece prong setting, or alternatively with a 4-piece prong, bezel or tension setting. This makes saying „Yes, I do“ a mere formality.

White gold

When gold is mixed with silver, palladium or other metals, for example, it takes on a whitish colour. An additional rhodium coating ensures that the white gold does not turn gray and retains its bright white shine. The different shades of white gold harmonize particularly well with diamonds and make them sparkle.


Buying jewelry is a matter of trust and this is especially true when it comes to choosing the perfect rings. So leave nothing to chance on the most important day of your life and benefit from the exclusive and long-standing experience and consulting services of your local TRAURINGjuwelier.


Congratulations on your dream rings. With the right engraving they now get a personal touch. The possibilities are many: from very classic with your first names and the wedding date to individual with your favorite quote to unique with fingerprint, just about anything is possible here.


A few days before the wedding to quickly get the wedding rings? Not a good idea. In order to have enough time for the selection, individual adjustments and engravings, you should order your rings at least three to four months before your wedding date. If you are getting married spontaneously, ask the jeweler if you can have the rings engraved after the wedding.