The special ring for the special love

Highlight eternity ring

It is a piece of jewelry that accompanies you throughout your life and preserves memories for many generations. The eternity ring does not follow trends - this makes it an evergreen among rings.

The gift

Whoever gives someone an eternity ring as a gift wants to say: I want to spend my whole life with you and look forward to the upcoming wonderful highlights of our love. These moments will be immortalized with a diamond in the eternity ring. A wonderful custom and thus unique rings.

Many couples start with two or three diamonds at a young age and continue to fill them up as the years go by. Some treat themselves to a fully set eternity ring right from the start, and then move on to combination rings later. The possible variations are versatile - just like the couples and their lives.

The occasion

Be it birth, anniversary, career jump or a passed exam. There are many occasions to add a diamond to the eternity ring. How many memories are captured this way is customizable.

Nevertheless, the designs of the rings are varied and always kept very classic. This depends essentially on the type of setting of the diamonds. The so-called „channel setting“ allows the gemstones to be set directly against each other. Depending on the stone size, up to 25 small stones can be set. In this way, memories of a lifetime can be captured in one ring.