Diamonds are a girls best friend

Real diamond - real love

When it comes to the alloy of your dream rings, you have every option, whether it is white, yellow, rosé or red. One thing should not be missing from any ring: the real diamond as a symbol of eternity. The following four criteria provide information about the quality of a diamond.


The colour of a diamond has a great influence on its value. Diamonds in ultra-fine white are particularly rare and sought after. Also very popular are the so-called „fancy diamonds“, i.e. coloured diamonds. They range from blue to green to pink stones.


The clarity of a diamond depends on the number, size and position of the inclusions. The degree of clarity is assessed by an expert on the basis of 10x magnification - from IF (Internally flawless) to Piqué 3 (clear inclusions, visible to the naked eye).


The unit of weight for diamonds is given in „carat“. The seed of the carob tree, which was used to weigh diamonds in the past, is the eponym here. One carat corresponds to a weight of 0.2 grams. The weight is an important criterion for determining the price and has nothing to do with the carat in precious metal alloys.


The cut is the only contribution that man can make to the beauty of the king of gemstones. The perfect cut is an art, because it reveals the true brilliance of the diamond. The masters of the art of cutting have calculated their own formula for each individual cut, with very specific proportions, in order to produce the best possible brilliance. The cut is also largely responsible for the value.


Baguette cut
Diamond cut
Princess cut
Heart cut